Promotion action. The prize is Mercedes-Benze
    Each partner, that have built the structure (1-3 level) during 5 month, which total investments made up about $200.000 receives Mercedes-Benz S-Classe as a gift.


    Promotion action. The prize is iphone.
    Each partner, that have built the structure (1-2 level) during 2 month, which total investments made up about $15.000 receives iphone as a gift.


    Career at FinSilk Inc.
    FinSilk Inc. is looking for candidates having a strong desire to succeed and the ability to work with one of the brightest and most experienced teams in the business.


    Getting Started

    Program participation is available to any individual, who is over 18 years of age and has a reliable Internet access. To start, one has to create the FinSilk investment account.

    To create new account please visit "Register" section of the website and fill in the account application form. Please fill in all fields very accurately.

    Keep your Password in a safe place, preferably outside of your computer.

    When you filled in all required fields please click the “Go” button. Your application form will be verified. Within 5 minutes you will receive the confirmation e-mail, acknowledging new account creation. Now you can log in to your account and start investing.

    To make a deposit you should press the “Deposit” button inside your personal investment account.

    To make the deposit, you must have at least one of the following payment processor accounts: BitCoin, Payeer or PerfectMoney. If you are not sure which of these payment processors is more convenient for you, you may create accounts with more than one. At FinSilk, you can use several deposit options, all within one personal investment account.

    Here is some information that can help you to open an e-currency account if you do not have one yet.

    Generally, we recommend using digital currencies, as they are proven to greatly facilitate fast and safe way of transferring money. In addition to convenience of proper handling of international payments, using any of the payment systems users FinSilk users will enjoy the convenience of receiving instant withdrawals to their accounts, available for immediate use, compared to not cost effective for smaller amounts bank wire transfers, which may also take several days for clearance by the banks.

    To open the Payeer account, please visit the website, click the “Create an Account” button at the top of the home page and follow the instructions. After the registration the new account number will be sent by e-mail. To fund Payeer account please visit the “Deposit Payeer” section and use one of the listed accredited digital currency exchange providers and choose one which supports your national currency exchanges. The exchange providers accept the following funding options: bank wires, Western Union, MoneyGram, local mailed postal money orders, local cash deposits, credit cards and funds from other payment systems.

    To open the PerfectMoney account, please visit the website and choose the “Signup” button on the top right corner. After the signup is finished you will receive an e-mail containing your account data. Please note that PerfectMoney provides you with an account ID and an account number. After funding your PerfectMoney account with the help of exchangers (top right corner of the home page) you can deposit funds to your FinSilk personal account remembering to enter your PerfectMoney account number (not your PerfectMoney personal ID).

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