FinSilk Inc. is a new, steadily developing capital management and online money investment service provider. In 2003 we officially registered the FinSilk company in Panama and started providing investment services for private and corporate investors. Today the amount of assets managed by our company is already over $3 billion and the capital keeps growing with the speed of approximately $40-50 million a week. We are currently collaborating with about 20,000 clients and opening 30-50 new investment accounts daily. Among the clients of FinSilk Ivestments Inc. representing the international market are the major institutional investors, private banks, family offices. The maximum reliability rate is not the only proof of FinSilk's trustworthiness and quality of the services provided by it.
    In 2018 FinSilk started offering investment services online, to general public.


    Jay N. Flynn, General Director of "FinSilk Inc."
    Jay N. Flynn has been working on the stock market since 1995. In May 2008 Mr. Flynn headed "FinSilk Inc.". Mr. Flynn has an extensive experience of working on the stock market and deep knowledge of the main tendencies of its development. He successfully realized a number of his own projects making use of various stock market tools. Lately Mr. Flynn has consulted the investment company "FinSilk Inc." more than once.

    Juan H. Couter, Assistant General Director
    Juan H. Couter started his career in the company in 2007 occupying the position of a specialist of the Customers' Support in the Operational Department. In August 2007 Juan H. Couter was appointed Chief of the Customers' Support Board of the Trade and Customers' Relations Department. In June 2008 she became Director of personal Investment Consulting.

    Richard K. Adcock, Assistant General Director of Finance and Operations Activity.
    Richard K. Adcock was employed by the "FinSilk Inc." in 2007 as a Treasury expert. A year later he was appointed to the position of Financial Director and in December 2008 became Assistant Director of Finance and Operations Activity.

    Charles N. Johansen, Assistant General Director of Information Technologies.
    Charles N. Johansen has been working in the company since 2007. During this time Charles N. Johansen occupied the leading positions of the Information Technologies Department and in 2008 was appointed Assistant General Manager.

    Richard J. Zannini is Chief of the Trust Capital Management Department.
    Richard J. Zannini works on the development of the trust management concepts of the Company, investment strategies and recommendations for the customers. At the moment Richard J. Zannini is working on the portfolio management of the assets for institutional investors and VIP customers. Under his direction the Trust Capital Management Department became the team of professional managers who successfully manage the assets on the stock market.

    Juan K. Harris Chief of the Managerial Accounting Department.
    "Our primary task is to create the customers' service which is as convenient as possible. We are always ready to provide our customers with the precise and quick reporting, correspond to the modern requirements in the sphere of documents circulation". Juan K. Harris has been working in the Company since 2006. Under her direction there was organized Managerial Accounting and Depositary Department. Her main task as an expert in documents circulation was to organize the depositary activity in the Company, creation of the efficient accounting system which makes it possible to provide our customers with quick and precise information as for the operations conducted.

    Matt N. Wasserman Chief of the Analytical Department of the "FinSilk inc."
    Matt N. Wasserman heads the department the primary task of which is to collect and analyze financial information, and the main charge is to analyze and estimate the securities market, recommendations as for the portfolio management, investment consulting. Our Analytical Department provides not only long-term or medium-term macroeconomic forecasts but more important quick information about the portfolio management as well. As a rule, the use of the analytical information makes it possible to increase the number of successful bargains and minimize possible losses. Analytical reviews and expert information of the Analytical Department of the "FinSilk Inc." are called for by the authoritative information agencies and mass media and have a good name among both the investors and professional financiers.

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